Gift Cards

The eco-conscious gift card that is always useful. 

Let them choose the patterns and fabrics that speak to them! 

Who We Are

We are a Canadian, women-led team that is passionate about helping our community take steps in a greener direction by making everyday products more eco-friendly, effective, and versatile!Our team is made up of moms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and health professionals who all share the common goal of living authentically, expressing their inner creativity, and making small changes in our daily lives that keep our planet in mind.

  • Sarah

  • Garrah

  • Kristina

Our Inspiration

Our company was born out of the realization that we were all using far too many paper towels in a week. This wasn’t just costly for our wallets, but the environment too!While we tried finding alternatives like using cut up t-shirts or old dish towels, they failed to be absorbent or sturdy enough (and looked quite unpleasant)! We were inspired to find other ways to make day-to-day activities more eco-friendly with- out sacrificing quality.