Where to Find Us

Find our products at these lovely locations - or visit us at an upcoming show or market!  

Upcoming Markets:


*Schedule for 2024 Markets to be posted in the Spring! 


As Seen At:

OOAK Winter 2022 + 2023

OOAK Spring Show 2023

Bracebridge Farmers Market 

Bala Farmers Market 

Port Carling Farmers Market 

The Rosseau Farmers Market 

The Stouffville Market

Toronto Botanical Garden - Earth Day Eco-Market 

Toronto Botanical Garden - Holiday Market 

Elora Flea Market

Mom Market - Kitchener 

Who We Are

We are a Canadian, women-led team passionate about helping our community take steps in a greener direction by making everyday products more eco-conscious and versatile!

  • Sarah

  • Garrah

  • About Sarah

    🚺 What Inspires:

    I am inspired by the strong women who I have been surrounded by and learned from in my life.

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦About me:

    I absolutely love being a wife and mother. I do my best to soak in the little moments and important everyday lessons that parenthood brings.

    ♻️Why Friendlier Footprint’s Work Resonates:

    I am passionate about our mission of finding simple ways to take small steps in a greener direction. I believe strongly that it doesn't need to be an all or nothing effort! Each of us taking the time and energy to make every-day tasks more sustainable DOES make a difference!

    💚 Favorite Ways to Use Friendlier Footprint Products:

    I don’t use anything but our Friendlier Paperless Towels to wipe sticky hands, messy faces and endless messes that come with two little ones! I use them many times every day to wipe spills and clean everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom ... and beyond!

    Receiving or giving one of our Wisdom Boxes or adding a seed paper tag to a gift for a friend always makes me smile!

    🔮 Future Plans:

    I am so grateful to have found such an incredible group of like-minded, intelligent, strong women to continue to grow the company's vision and create change in the world- one step at a time. I look forward to continuing my work with Friendlier Footprint!

  • About Garrah

    🌲 What Inspires:Although going “green” was somewhat daunting, the ‘simple steps’ approach inspired me. I realize that if we all make small, simple changes in our daily lives, it will add up to have a more significant local and global impact.

    👩🏻‍🎓 Education:My education began with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia followed by a MBA in Sport Business where my passions of helping others, health, business and sports intersect. My time on the East Coast had a strong influence on me. It is a place where the importance of hard, ethical work and having fun strikes the perfect balance.

    👣 Why Friendlier Footprint’s Work Resonates:

    I am often found selling our products at the markets or eco-friendly shows. I truly enjoy making connections with our customers and hearing feedback from those who love their Friendlier Footprint products. I love witnessing the talents within our communities and seeing new connections build as we all support each other. This is not a surprise as my grandfather was a small town, small business-pharmacy owner and I grew up learning to always respect and connect with customers and the importance of supporting independent/local businesses.

    💚 Favourite Ways to Use Friendlier Footprint Products:

    I am often found with my family and friends out in nature, on my yoga mat or in the kitchen using Friendlier Paperless Towels to clean up during my culinary creations. I also love using them during my rowing or skating adventures on Canadian waters.

    🌍 Future Plans:

    I have learned so much wisdom from my family, friendships and from living in a small town. My years on the east coast also had a profound impact on the person I am. I look forward to pursuing my passion for working in the field of health care and continuing my work with Friendlier Footprint.

Our Inspiration

Our company was born out of the realization that we were all using far too many paper towels in a week. This wasn’t just costly for our wallets, but the environment too! While we tried finding alternatives like using cut up t-shirts or old dish towels, they failed to be absorbent or sturdy enough (and looked quite unpleasant)! We were inspired to find other ways to make day-to-day activities more eco-conscious without sacrificing quality.